Determining the price  

The cost of services is estimated based on specifications and invoiced on a time and materials basis. The more information we have about the look and printing decisions you desire, the faster the printing process, and the more cost effective production will be. Once the first final print is achieved, the efficiency and consistency of our highly specialized automated darkroom makes the production of additional or edition prints very reasonable.


Things to consider when inquiring about the cost of services:

Developer types:

  • Cold & warm tone
  • Ultra black 
  • Custom developers

 Dry mounting:

  • Four-ply archival museum board  
  • Archival paper honeycomb
  • Oversized mounting
  • Archival dry mount tissue

Fiber based paper

  • Ilford Warmtone : Semi matte & Glossy
  • Ilford Classic: Glossy & Matte
  • Hand-coated emulsion on paper & fabric



  • Retouching 
  • Storage of print editions
  • Restoration of damaged prints    

Types of toning:

  • Selenium toning
  • Gold toning
  • Sepia toning
  • Split toning 
  • Custom color matching
  • Thiourea toning
  • Dye toning

Digital Services:

  • Negative retouching 
  • File manipulation  
  • Digital Negative output (Kodak LVT)
  • Digital Scanning 
  • Digital Copy with Phase1
  • Digital image archive management 

Film processing:

  • Reversal/ Direct positive
  • Push Pull processing (expansion & compaction)
  • Small tank development   
  • Ultra large format film
  • Individual selection of preferred film developer
  • Sharpness enhancing developers



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